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The End Greeting Card

The End card
The End by TorrDenaIndians
Oh how I hate tag spam.
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Hot Pirate Babe Neck Tie

Hot Pirate Babe tie
Hot Pirate Babe by FishTsdotcom
Not sure what pirates have to do with fishing. Also, I just think this is ugly, but I’ve seen worse.

Nature Bumper Stickers →

What do Van Gogh paintings of nude and semi-nude women have to do with nature? Okay, yes you can make the argument that nudity is natural, but I was looking for trees and shit. Oh wait, it’s tag spam!

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If you don’t like cat hair.. Get OFF the Couch! Neck Tie

If you don't like cat hair.. Get OFF the Couch! tie
If you don’t like cat hair.. Get OFF the Couch! by CarinaDumais

Happy Easter MUG

Happy Easter MUG mug
Happy Easter MUG by otilygenira
You know how I found this? Searching for Christmas skull mugs. All of this shopkeeper’s items contain the following tags:
teeshirt, spiritual, religion, quotes, words, live, by, christian, cheerleading, cheers, youth, children, sports, coffee, steins, mouse, pads, totes, tote, purse, holidays, christmas, thanksgiving, valentine’s, day, valentine, gift, romantic, hearts, skull, spirit, goth, gothic, caps, cap, post, baby, shower, weddings, births, army, military, arm, forces, mcfly, cat, election, limbaugh, animal, earth

I hate tag spammers.